Kristen Wiig Did A Lols Impression Of Harry Styles On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

And now we might be a little bit in love…


by Sophie Cullinane |
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We already knew that Kristen Wiig was up for a laugh when those Bridesmaids sex scene outtakes surfaced, but her position as our favourite lols actress has just been cemented after she did a hilarious (and totally spot-on) impersonation of One Direction’s Harry Styles on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last night.

In case you didn’t know, the Tonight Show is a massive deal in America and the programme has just got a huge surge in publicity after (relatively) young-gun Jimmy Fallon just replaced industry legend Jay Leno. Kristen and Jimmy both used to work Saturday Night Live so, instead of turning her old colleague’s second outing as Tonight Show host into a massive SNL reunion, Kristen decided to come on dressed as Harry Styles. As you do.

The actress looked hilarious dressed in a typical Harry outfit of a deep-V T-shirt, pointed boots, some man jewellery and a backcombed bouffant of magnificent proportions. But that seemed to be the beginning and the end of Kristen’s preparation because, when questioned, she didn’t even seem to know that Harry’s from England. Naww well, her rendition of You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful is so good (awful) it had us laughing solidly for nearly an hour in the office. And, as a side not, is anyone else strangely attracted to Kristen in her Harry get-up? No? Just us? OK…

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