Kristen Stewart’s Got A ‘Gal Pal’, Whatever That Is

She’s been ‘spotted’ doing a whole bunch of pretty gay things with a woman called Alicia Cargile…


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What every queer woman (and a lot of straight women, and a load of gay guys, and a bunch of MailOnline commenters, and, um, just about everyone) with a mind to a bit of pop culture might have been guessing years ago is true.

Kristen Stewart has a ‘gal-pal’! Yes, apparently when you spend a load of time with lesbians and go on holiday to Hawaii with just one lesbian you have a matching tattoo with and basically kiss her on a beach, before holding her hands that woman is your ‘gal-pal’. At least if the tabloid press is to be believed. Yep, a ‘gal-pal’ says MailOnline. A ‘BFF’ says HollywoodLife. A ‘pal’ says E!...

If ‘pal’ is to be the new euphemism for ‘lesbian’, then can it stand for Pretty Awesome Lesbian? We’ve no proper idea who Alicia Cargile is – or even if she is a lesbian (we’ll give you some time here to raise an eyebrow). But if she’s putting up with all of the bullshit from the tabloid press despite not really needing to be famous to do her job, then she’s pretty awesome.

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It’s doubtful that Kristen Stewart is refusing to confirm that Alicia Cargile might be more than a friend out of any internalised homophobia. It’s hardly as if she’s got a lusty male teen fanbase to rely on for box office sway, and come on, she’s played lesbians in two films (The Clouds Of Sils Maria and The Runaways**)! She’s long left the position of needing the girls of abstinence-fond parents to hero-worship her in movies (Twilight was basically an ode to keeping it in your pants.)

Plus, Kristen might be one of those post-gay people attracted to someone else for their mind/face instead of their genitals. She might not want to label herself. Oh, she might have already had so much attention cast on her personal life (remember when supposed Twilight fans called her a ‘trampire’ for cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders?) that she can’t be bothered to come out.

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So why do the press insist on calling Alicia Kristen’s ‘gal pal’ or a ‘BFF’? Well, because we assume everyone is straight unless otherwise stated, it’s not the done thing to speculate on someone’s sexuality unless they’ve come out. Maybe, maybe, whatever Kristen wants to do with her fanny/whoever she loves was something she realised a long time ago. Maybe – unless she does a half-nude photo shoot a for a high fashion magazine with a wet-look hair style (tabloids love that) – she’s a lot more reconciled to whatever her sexuality is than the tabloids ever will be?

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