Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want An Oscar, At Least Not For Acting

She wants a more direct direction…

Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want An Oscar, At Least Not For Acting

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Kristen Stewart might have huffed and puffed and muttered her way through numerous film roles you’ve enjoyed, but she insists that her long-term plan is to be a film director. Like George Clooney and Ben Affleck before her, she won’t let her dazzling good looks get in the way of doing something serious like getting behind the camera, and says, ‘I’ve taken so much shit that I’m just like, “I’m not the winner!” I’m not gonna be let down when I don’t get the pat on the back. I’m totally used to the kick in the ass. I’ve never, ever been like, “One day, I’m gonna win an Oscar.” Truly, my “one day” was always, “I’m gona be a director! One day, I’m gonna direct movies”’

It’s pretty lucky, then, that Kristen just managed to fall into the competitive world of acting on the way into the even more competitive world of film directing.

About that acting, which is so good in The Clouds Of Sils Maria that she was the first American actress to get a César award (it’s a French version of an Oscar), Kristen has this to say, ‘Oh, man, it blew my head off, to be honest. I couldn’t believe that I got nominated, and then, obviously, I really, really couldn’t believe that they gave it to me.’

‘It felt really good… I would prefer a French Oscar to an American one.’

She declared her interest in directing in an interview to go alongside her signing up to Chanel to promote their eyewear range, which we’re guessing she’s going to need access to if she needs to put a keen eye behind the camera.

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