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Introducing Kirby Jenner, The Kardashian Who Keeps On Appearing On Your Social Media

Introducing Kendall Jenner's fraternal twin...

Oh why hello, let me introduce you to your latest Instagram obsession who appears to be popping up all over your social media, again and again. Ladies and gentlemen, the seventh Kardashian, Kirby. Let’s get to know the guy who just keeps on making a comeback.

Who is Kirby Jenner?

According to his Instagram bio, Kirby Jenner is an amateur model, lover of all things and fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner. According to Google, Kirby Jenner is a paraody account, run by a small creative agency in L.A with over 365, 000 followers. Believe what you will.

How old is Kirby Jenner?

According to Kirby Jenner (aka himself) he has just turned 21, because Kendall (his twin sister) has just turned 21. We wonder if he got so drunk he forgot he got a Royce too…or if he even got a Royce?

Kirby Jenner 

Is Kirby Jenner all a Photoshopped hoax?

Well, unless Kendall really does have a twin brother we’re going to go with yes. Sorry Kirbs. Kirby Jenner the character however, chooses not to disclose this kind of classified information.

Why doesn’t Kirby appear in Keeping Up The Kardashians?

According to him, he was too busy in the beginning rollerblading, and then he got stuck in a drainpipe later on in the series so obviously couldn’t be there. As you do.

Kirby Jenner 

What’s Kirby Jenner’s Instagram handle?

It’s pretty easy, @kirbyjenner

What’s next for Kirby Jenner?

We expect he will appear somewhere with Kendall at a high profile party. Perhaps him and Cara Delevingne will become friends and he’ll move to London to P.A.R.T.Y with her. The world is his oyster.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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