The Secret Behind The Kardashians’ Perfect Photobooth Pictures

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

By now, we all know that there ain't no party like a Kardashian party, and for Instagram's most famous family, a key component of said party is a photobooth.

Naturally, we're not talking about the sort of mundane booth you'd drop into for a last minute passport mugshot. Be it a wedding, birthday, festive get-together or graduation party, you can't help but notice that the Kardashians favour one photobooth in particular, which results in a flawless, perfectly lit black and white snap. Instagram gold.

What's the secret? As Racked have discovered, these perfectly honed photos come courtesy of one company in particular - MirMir. Pronounced 'Meer Meer' (as in 'mirror mirror on the wall') this LA based business now provides the gold standard in photobooths, featuring at events like the Oscars, the Emmys and Coachella, as well as the birthday parties of the rich and famous. For a case in point, see Taylor Swift's black and white squad snaps from Gigi Hadid's recent 21st birthday 'do.'

While MirMir's trademark photo style is instantly recognisable, you've probably never heard of the brand name. As Racked explains, this is because the company has done very little marketing since launching in 2013, instead relying on word of mouth and the social klout of its famous fans.

Fancy renting out MirMir for a photo party of your own? That'll cost you $2,750 for up to four hours - and you'll need to pay extra for the option to create gifs and instantly share images via an iPad.

But - apart from the obvious Kardashian association - why is MirMir so pricey? It's all thanks to the technology that achieves that perfect photo finish. Subjects pose in front of the device, while a mirror reflects their likeness back to them. Instead of an automated countdown, a staff member will decide upon the right moment for the photo to be taken, which then runs through MirMir's editing software, or 'skin filter.'

Naturally, MirMir's staff are a little cagey about the exact process that leaves images looking so flawless.

'There's no one component that we do that makes people look better,' co-founder Ryan Glenn explained to Racked. 'It's the whole thing: it's the camera, it's the lighting, it's the software, it's the staff knowing what angles look good on each individual person.'

Whatever the secret, we certainly want some of the MirMir magic at our next house party. Better start saving...

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