Does This Deleted Scene Prove That Kim Kardashian Has Never Actually Tried FitTea?

After posting about how great FitTea is for so long, we now have the video which proves she's never even used it once...

Does This Deleted Scene Prove That Kim Kardashian Has Never Actually Tried FitTea?

by Debrief Staff |

Yes, yes, we all know Kim rules the internet, and, when in doubt, she can also break it. The social media queen reigns over us in our timelines, forever posting selfies, pics of North and Saint, and now her new contouring collection. But what we also know her for (other than her classic crying face, which has us creasing for days) is her religious posting of FitTea.

However, with a new deleted scene recently released from her show Keeping up with the Kardashians we see that she actually has no clue how to make a FitTea. We wonder, has she actually ever used it?

She is clearly baffled at how to make one - which begs the question, has she ever tried one? Despite consistently featuring paid posts from the brand on her Instagram feed, which can bump up her bank account by $500,000 every picture (yeah, I kid you not), claiming total devotion to the stuff.

FitTea is known for sponsoring many celebrities and social media influencers to post pictures of them using their product on their account, and the Kardashians are infamous for it, having been supposed 'customers' for years.

So when I later stalked her Instagram and Twitter, in one of her posts she writes in her caption: ‘it tastes amazing’ which now makes me now raise my eyebrows. Really Kimmy, really? Are you sure it tastes amazinggg, hmmm?

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