Mocking Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Hologram Is Insensitive And Cruel

Who are we to make fun of a daughter who misses her late father?

Kim Kardashian Hologram

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In recent years, holograms have shifted from something we see in sci-fi films to a fixture on the real life entertainment scene. Frank Sinatra. Whitney Houston. Amy Winehouse. Many singers who have sadly passed away have been resurrected through truly impressive technology. Is it strange? A little. Is it ethical? Maybe not. But what is clear is that it does affect people positively. Is it the future of consoling family members who lost their loved ones too soon?

This week, Kim Kardashian caused controversy by jetting off to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday with family and friends. She has documented the trip across social media, and has now revealed her gift from husband Kanye West, a hologram of her late father, Robert Kardashian. Give it a look.

The jokes began immediately. Many mocked the gift as creepy. David Schwimmer was brought up a lot to comic effect, due to the fact that the Friends star played Robert in American Crime Story. Others noted the fact that 'he' barely mentions Kim's siblings. Basically, Twitter was swept up with snide comments about the gift from people who clearly didn't think, for one moment, of the indelible impact of losing a parent can have on a person. Is this approach to reconnecting with the past for everyone? Of course not. I don't think I would enjoy it or benefit from it. But Kim clearly did.

Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003 after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. He was best known for defending his friend, OJ Simpson, in one of the most infamous murder trials in American history. Kim was 23. By all accounts, too young to lose a parent. She has spoken of her sadness at his death many times, and has said that she sees clues to his presence.

'I believe there are signs from the spirit world all around us,' she told CR Fashion Book. 'When my dad was sick with cancer, we were laying out by his pool and I said, "If you die, you have to come back in the form of a bird." We were driving on the freeway right before his funeral and this huge flock of birds flew over the 101. Everyone stopped because it was so crazy looking. I was like, "There you are."'

Mocking the hologram is, to me, like turning to Kim on the freeway and saying 'it's just birds, Kim'. This woman, celebrating a milestone event in her life, has been profoundly moved by the 'presence' of a man who she loved deeply and misses palpably. Those making fun of it are being unreasonably cruel.

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