A Breakdown Of All The Moods In Kim Kardashian’s Climbing Frame Picture

From Chicago looking for a way out of the madness, to Kourtney’s balancing act.

Kim Kardashian

by Phoebe Parke |

Kim Kardashianhas posted a throwback picture of her and her krew on a family trip to Tokyo earlier this year, and every single member of the family is in a very different mood. From Chicago looking for a way out of the madness, to Reign having a full-on meltdown and Kourtney showing off her impressive core strength, the whole picture is quite the melee of emotions.

Let’s start at the bottom, shall we?


Looking for a way to escape, probably also thinking about snacks.


Completely oblivious to the fact that a picture is being taken, the only one actually trying to enjoy the climbing frame for its original purpose.


In full-on meltdown mode, ready for food, sleep and a warm bed.


Is nailing the caught off guard hair flick pose so coveted by Instagram influencers.


Just hanging out, is a little cold, and wondering when he’ll be able to get away from the cameras and back to the studio.


Demonstrating her impressive core strength by balancing off the side of the frame, probably thinking about gluten-free snacks.


Completely unphased and unbothered by all the hype surrounding her.


Was probably just using the climbing frame for its original purpose, when Kim shouted; ‘OMG what if we all got on the climbing frame with Mason – wouldn’t that just make the perfect Instagram pic?!’


Caught up in the Kardashian madness, family friend Erica is finding the whole thing quite amusing, but also, and most importantly – trying not to fall down.


The G.O.O.D. Music consultant is about to lose his balance, and has been struggling to hold all for all the 162 pictures that have been taken so far.


LIVING FOR IT! Hopes her hair and makeup are still as perfect as they were when the photoshoot started seven hours ago, is aware that she is the best mum ever for letting North be at the top of the frame, and hopes Kourtney is making an interesting face and isn’t being boring.

Little boy at the back photobombing

Probably wondering why all these adults are on a climbing frame.

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