Why Kim Kardashian’s Final Christmas Card Disappointed Fans

Kim Kardashian Christmas Card

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The Kardashians don't do things by halves. And they especially don't do Christmas by halves. So it's hardly surprising that their 2017 Christmas card would not be done by halves either.

Most families are content with just the one posed-for snap . You know how it looks: parents at the back, children at the front, everyone smiling perfectly and looking all neat and tidy.

But for the Kardashian-West-Jenners? No. One Christmas card was not enough. Neither was two. Nor in fact three. This year the Kardashian clan released no less than 25 holiday cards. That's right, TWENTY FIVE. One for each day of December, leading up to the big day yesterday.

In a photoshoot directed by Eli Russell Linnetz, the cards were posted to Kim Kardashian's Instagram account and depicted members of the family – all dressed in jeans and white tops – 'playing around' (for want of a better phrase) against a white backdrop, made festive by a snow-flecked tree and, on a few occasions, some brown paper-wrapped presents.

A number of the Kardashian-West-Jenners have featured over the month – from Kim to Kendal, Kanye West to Kris, even Kris' much-loved mum MJ.

However, two siblings have been noticeably absent from the month of snaps: Rob and Kylie. The grand finale posted yesterday was expected to explain their omission. However, when it finally went up it appeared to be merely a follow-on from what had gone before – the Kardashian-Jenner sisters with their mum and grandmother, surrounded by their children, having fun.

This enraged fans. Why?

Well, Kylie has been largely absent from social media recently and is widely believed to be pregnant. That she has not featured in the entire card series appears to have confirmed this news for a number of fans, who expressed disappointment that there was no 'grand reveal' on Christmas Day.

'I've never been so disappointed by someone I've never met' wrote one fan.

Said another, 'I refreshed your page every 5 mins for about 16 hours for this. I am fuming.'

'How disappointing. The perfect opportunity for a pregnancy reveal and she just cba to show up,' wrote a third.

Obviously the real reason for Kylie's absence is unknown and as to whether it ever will be known, remains to be seen. But grand announcements or no grand announcements, what is clear is that Kardashians have certainly upped the ante when it comes to Christmas cards.

Better start planning that 25-snap card series for next year, people...


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