Kim Kardashian Just Debunked A Major Beauty Myth

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Kim Kardashian West

by Katie Rosseinsky |

If you’re one of the many millions of women who colours their hair, you might have come up against the time-honoured eyebrow conundrum. When you drastically alter the shade of your hair, should you switch up your arches to match, whether that means taking them a few shades lighter or darker, through a semi-permanent tint or with brow make-up?

As a woman who’s certainly not averse to a major hair colour transformation, switching from her natural dark brunette to platinum blonde with a frequency and speed that had us seriously worried for the state of her split ends, it’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian West feels passionate about this particular beauty enigma. In a new interview with W magazine detailing the ins and outs of her hair and make-up routine, the reality star turned all-round entrepreneur turned world’s most famous women gave her thoughts on the subject when asked which beauty myth she’d most like to debunk.

‘The beauty myth that your brows should always match your hair,’ she answered. ‘I completely disagree. It can be more flattering if your brows are darker than your hair to warm up your face. Dark brows can be bold especially if your hair is platinum.’ Based on some of KKW’s most recent beauty looks, we’d be inclined to agree.

Kim’s go-to brow technician of choice is of course Anastasia Soare, of Anastasia Beverly Hills fame, who gets a shout out in the same feature. ‘Every time I see her my life changes and my brows look heavenly,’ she tells W.

As for more Kardashian approved beauty secrets? When it comes to protecting dry, damaged hair from the ravages of the colouring process, Kim is a firm advocate of Olaplex, Olaplex and more Olaplex. According to Kim, she uses the ground-breaking deep-conditioning treatment (which, unlike traditional salon treatments, mends the structure of damaged hair itself) every night on the recommendation of stylist Chris Appleton. High maintenance, certainly, but an extravagance that will surely pay off in the long run…

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