Kim And Kanye’s Pre-Wedding Celebration Sounds Delightfully Bonkers

A private party in Versailles, musketeers and too many deep-Vs to mention – welcome to Kimye’s pre-wedding party


by Sophie Cullinane |
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No one expected Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding celebration to be an exercise in subtlety, but their pre-wedding celebration (we weren’t even aware that was a thing?) sounds brilliantly bonkers.

Ahead of the actual wedding today, Kimye invited 100 of their closest friends to the Palace of Versailles (as you do) to a party in the iconic Hall of Mirrors. Apparently, 1,000 bottles of champagne were on hand for the guests (yes, that 10 bottles each), with waiters dressed in baroque costumes in keeping with their surroundings. Speaking of costumes, both Kim and Kanye wore some of the deepest-Vs we’ve ever seen, which we can only assume were kept in place by enormous amounts of tit-tape to protect the fiancés modesty. Apparently the waiters were under strict instructions not to speak to the guests – presumably in case they distracted them away from all the cleavage on show – and partygoers were given free rein to explore the palace at their leisure, which sounds very posh indeed. Lana Del Rey apparently performed Kim’s favourite song Young And Beautiful to a chorus of fireworks, but arrived late so Kanye had to take to the stage and entertain his guests himself, which was awfully good of him wasn’t it? And it wasn’t the usual vol au vents and chicken kiev on offer either – guest apparently dined on salmon and a selection of salads, which to be honest sounds rather boring given how over the top everything else sounds.

If this is just the pre-wedding party, what on earth is today’s wedding going to be like? We wait on breath that it bated…

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