Kim Cattrall Gets Mistaken For… Canadian Prime Minister’s Mum!

Kim Cattrall

by Edwina Langley |
Published on

It's not every day you get mistaken for somebody's mother – especially if you're an A-lister who doesn't have children of their own – but luckily Kim Cattrall has a sense of humour...

A CBS 60 minutes documentary about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, featured a number of photographs showing Kim next to Justin's father (former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau), identified as Justin's mother, Margaret.

The mix up occurred because, following Pierre's divorce from Margaret in 1984, the statesman allegedly entered into a romance with the actress (although this has never been confirmed). Other stars the late former Prime Minister has been linked to include Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand.

Taking to Twitter to highlight the error, Kim tweeted:

She later retweeted a series of hilarious posts, including this:

And this:

Whilst Justin's mother, an author and actress, has yet to comment on the debacle, we are thrilled Kim responded with such good humour.

To be honest though, we wouldn't expect anything else from our favourite SATC starlet.

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