Brace Yourselves, Killing Eve Is Officially Back

The trailers have been cryptic, but we're dying for the new series and the release date is sooner than you think...

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It's almost the weekend (hoorah), and we come bearing good news! Although it's been airing in the US since April, it's finally been announced that Season 2 of Killing Eve will be on screens in the UK from the 8th of June. Yes, that's almost only a week away!

It's a stroke of luck, because we've been on tenterhooks after months of teasers, trailers and spoiler-hinting official pictures drumming up the anticipation. We're more than ready to jump back into Eve and Villanelle's compelling cat-and-mouse (not to mention Jodie Comer/Villanelle's incredible sartorial screen game). But up until then, what do we know from the trailer's so far?

In the most recent (and final) trailer the opening shot shows Villanelle wincing as she puts on a pair of Crocs (complete with Jibbitz, of course.) She might have just emerged from a hospital bed, but this is - definitely - the most of her worries. (Maybe she wouldn’t have minded if they were Balenciaga platform Crocs?!) In the trailer, Eve also makes the bombshell revelation to Kenny that she stabbed Villanelle. It also sounds like “When you love someone, you will do crazy things,” might become the assassin's new catchphrase, very much meaning Eve and Villanelle are still going to obsessing over each other. If you haven't managed to catch up with it yet (and if you need something to distract you while we wait for June the 8th) you can watch it below...

Meanwhile, the show swept the board at the BAFTA TV nominations as Killing Eve received 14 (14!) nominations and went on to win best drama series, best leading actress for Jodie Comer, and best supporting actress for Fiona Shaw. (Both Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh were up against Keeley Hawes, for her role in Bodyguard,and Ruth Wilson, for her part playing her own grandmother in Mrs Wilson.) Safe to say, we have no doubt the second season is going to be just as gripping as the first was.

See below for some of the pair's best moments...


Jodie Comer And Sandra Oh's Best Bits From Killing Eve

Sandra Oh Jodie Comer Killing Eve1 of 8

Sandra Oh Jodie Comer Killing Eve

Eve and Villanelle's first meeting wasn't like your typical dinner party. Their power dynamic all turned a bit sour when Villianelle brought a knife to Eve's neck and pushed her against the fridge. Casual.

Jodie Comer Villanelle2 of 8

Jodie Comer Villanelle

Literally just Villanelle's face every time she kills someone. This will haunt our nightmares.

Sandra Oh Karolyn Killing Eve3 of 8

Sandra Oh Karolyn Killing Eve

When Eve let's slip her true obsession with Villanelle, by ranting at Carolyn. (Also, how amazing is Fiona Shaw?!)

Sandra Oh Sorry Baby Killing Eve4 of 8

Sandra Oh Sorry Baby Killing Eve

When Eve gets the suitcase of designer gear from Villanelle. Some enivable handwriting on the "Sorry baby x" note, too!

Jodie Comer Villanelle Molly Goddard5 of 8

Jodie Comer Villanelle Molly Goddard

Obviously, we just had to include Villanelle wearing Molly Goddard and looking like a pink and dreamy, yet totally murderous marshmallow. Also telling her therapist: "I had quite a heavy period last week, but I think I'm okay."

Sandra Oh Konstantin6 of 8

Sandra Oh Konstantin

Eve being badass, and unafraid of death in the car with Konstantin, saying she'd happily die if he told her why Eve wanted to kill him.

Jodie Comer Villanelle7 of 8

Jodie Comer Villanelle

Villanelle screaming "Take me to the hoooole!" 11/10

Sandra Oh Jodie Comer Killing Eve8 of 8

Sandra Oh Jodie Comer Killing Eve

The best moment of the whole show - and why we're all so desperate for the next series - is definitely when Villanelle and Eve confess their feelings for each other. You know, before Eve stabs Villanelle. (Spoiler: Eve lives!)

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