Khloe And Rob Kardashian Want You To Know They Fancy Each Other

The brother and sister duo took a #WomanCrushWednesday a bit too far, with Khloe professing 'incest is best'...


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Our allegiances to the Kardashians might be very loose and interchangeable, so if Kourtney’s noteworthy in her sensibleness or Kendall makes us think about the way we treat models, then don’t be surprised if our hyperbolic exaltations switch to another member of the Kardashian Klan within days of you reading this. However, right now, for this week in time, Rob and Khloe are our favourites.

Rob, the sole Kardashian brother, basically dropped out of the family (like it’s a bitchy school) a few months back. He didn’t even make it to Kim’s bonkers wedding to Kanye West. But it looks like he’s back in the frame of things after he announced that his sister Khloe was his #WomanCrushWednesday earlier this week.

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Seeing someone else post a picture of Khloe sheepishly making her way to the gym, he commented #WCW along with the indecipherable ‘shneeeeee meeeee claaaaaa’

Just in case you’re not attuned to #WomanCrushWednesday, it’s when people on social media post photos of hot women they’re ‘crushing’ on.

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In the case of Rob and Khloe, though, it was an excuse for them to be really weird. Rob’s ‘crush’ could have been totally harmless, in the same way straight women will wait until Wednesday to re-gram or tweet an image of a female celebrity they like, in a ‘no homo’ way.

However, Khloe (predictably) took the bull by the creepy horns and tweeted and Instagrammed a picture of his tweet of the initial Instagram photo (there’s a reason it’s called Keeping Up With The Kardashians).

She captioned it: ‘Totally a normal brother/sister relationship. Incest is best!!! #HeyBooHey’

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It sure got our attention, and The Mirrorreports Khloe later deleted the tweet (but not the Instagram post), but as one commenter put it: ‘But incest isn’t good’

We’re sure they're joking, but perhaps their gallows humour is a bit lost on some.

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