Kerry Washington Calls Out Photoshopping By Magazines

“They know what I look like!”

Kerry Washington

by Rebecca Cox |
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Kerry Washington has once again made her feelings about the Photoshopping of her image very clear.

The Scandal star has been pretty vocal in the past about magazines Photoshopping her face beyond all recognition, and she has once again urged people to speak out against the industry norm of retouching.

'I think the more we talk about it, the more awareness there is,' she told US Glamour. 'Photoshopping to that extent is just not necessary. I’m somebody who millions of people tune in to and see every week, so they know what I look like!'

Earlier this year, Washington posted this on her Instagram:

While encouraging people to buy the magazine to read her interview, she said: "I have to be honest...I was taken aback by the cover.

'Look, I'm no stranger to Photoshopping. It happens a lot. In a way, we have become a society of picture adjusters - who doesn't love a filter?!? And I don't always take these adjustments to task but I have had the opportunity to address the impact of my altered image in the past and I think it's a valuable conversation.

'Yesterday, however, I just felt weary. It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror. It's an unfortunate feeling.'

In her latest interview Washington also spoke about the shifting beauty ideals in Hollywood. 'It used to be that there were certain standards and expectations of what beauty meant—a certain kind of shape, nose, hair—but I feel that as a culture we have evolved and become more embracing of the truth that beauty does come in a lot of shapes and forms and colours,” she said.

'We have a long way to go, but it has gotten better.'

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