Kendall And Kylie Jenner’s Book Is Now Out – And Sounds Very Hunger Games Like

Yes, the youngest sisters of the Kardashian family have a dystopian novel out. And no, it's not about their family...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Kendall and Kylie Jenner have joined forces to write a novel. Seriously. Rebels: City Of Indra is a fictional – yes, as entertaining as their autobiographies could be, this is all made up – tale of a dystopian future. Lex and Livia (no clues as to where they got the alliteration idea from) are, according to *Extra TV, *‘Two super-powered girls who embark on a journey together’. Plus, according to the publisher, the city the girls travel to has ‘two faces: a beautiful paradise floating high in the sky; and a nightmare world of poverty carved into tunnels beneath the surface of the earth.’


So far, so very Hunger Games if you ask us. Not that it's a bad thing. Through the merging of their star power as the youngest members of the Kardashian family, and with this sort of storyline, it can't be as crap as everyone's saying, right? As the Bailey’s Women’s Prize For Fiction rolls around tomorrow night, we’re not sure Kendall and Kylie’s efforts are quite going to be the talk of the literati, but then again youth fiction is a big business these days, and if young people are getting into reading books, then does it really matter if the books are ghost-written on behalf of two girls who are mostly famous-by-proxy due to the weird and wonderful lives of their rich families?

If you really don’t believe in the power of youth lit, then take a look at After, the Harry Styles fan-fiction e-book written by Anna Todd, which has just been snapped up by Simon & Schuster for a whopping six figures. That’s a lot of money for a book that’s already been viewed 194 million times on fan-fiction hosting site Wattpad. Yeah, we might be in our mid-20s, but we'll research our way into youth culture, thanks very much.

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