Kendall Jenner Has A Secret Second Instagram Account

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by Katie Rosseinsky |
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You’d think that the upkeep on just one Instagram account would be a full time job for a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, what with the semi-constant stream of selfies, behind-the-scenes pictures, ads for Fit Tea and those black-and-white photo booth uploads from Kris Jenner’s innumerable soirees. But, apparently not content with her status as one of Instagram’s most-followed users (with around 89 million to date), it seems that Kendall Jenner has launched a second account – and no one quite knows why.

The account in question, which has the handle @pizzaboys and an image of a heart as its profile picture, launched just two days ago but, Kendall being Kendall, has already managed to garner a very respectable 59.1 thousand followers after the model shared the details on a story sent from her personal Instagram account. Just three pictures have been uploaded so far, one showing Kendall and younger sister Kylie posing in a swimming pool wearing matching cropped white T-shirts and clutching what appear to be pizza shaped handbags (or maybe they’re buoyancy aids? Only time will tell); the other two bear the words ‘coming’ and ‘soon’ respectively, in black text on a pink backdrop. The account follows just two others, Kendall’s own and that of DJ @sweetboydaniel, and if you were holding out hope that Kendall’s bio might reveal a little more, we can only apologise on her behalf: all you’re getting is the cryptic tag line ‘In crust we trust.’

This isn’t the first time that Kendall has used the Pizza Boys name (or is it a brand?) In a previous interview with People, she described it as referring to a ‘DJ / friend group I’m part of,’ and the model has been photographed wearing T-shirts and a baseball cap with the pizza logo. So, is it a streetwear line, a DJ collective, or something else entirely? We can’t be sure yet, but we’re certain that Kris Jenner is just waiting in the wings to offer a slice…

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