Keira Knightley Accepts That Her Beautiful Face Is A ‘Double Edged Sword’

She understands she's missed out on some roles because of her beauty...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Keira Knightley has always had a bit of a difficult time being just so beautiful. From her pout to her perfect teeth to her glossy skin to her massive eyes, haters seem to be annoyed at her just because she’s beautiful and at a time her face was everywhere – billboards, adverts, films, whatever. (See also: Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson.)

Now she’s claimed that her beautiful visage has caused problems for her in her career. ‘I never even think about beauty. Supposedly being pretty is a double-edged sword: your look gets you certain roles, but disqualifies you from others. That’s the way the industry goes.’

Though some people will use these quotes against her, any vitriol following her comments, made to Madame Figaro magazine, is exactly the sort of double-edged sword she meant. So actually, she’s not just doing a Love Actually-style ‘I’m quite pretty’, but just giving out some realtalk. (PS: if you don’t know that last reference meant, check out what happens at 00.29 in the video below.)

Keira also explained that she hasn’t always been the sort for women to either look up to or admonish for her feminine wiles: ‘I used to be a tomboy... I didn’t even wear a dress or a skirt until I was 14. Then I started to experiment with make-up as soon as I was allowed to, because it was fun to change your appearance when you’re a teen. Later on, you want to be seductive for people in general and for boys sometimes, too.’

Fair enough… and as much as her looks might have been an obstacle, it can’t be that bad – you don’t end up in all these films if you're as ugly as Google autocomplete suggestions would have you think. (Try Googling Keira Knightley Is... and you’ll see what we mean.) Probably time for the haters to quit the jealousy.

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