Katy Perry’s Dog Gave Her Number To 86 Million People

The pop star has had to change her number because of one teeny tiny mistake…

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by Sophie Wilkinson |

Ever kind of accidentally given your number out to someone you really didn’t want texting you? Katy Perry feels your pain, as she revealed her number to a whopping 86 million people yesterday.

It wasn’t an April Fool’s trick, either – see, she’s got an adorable little dog called Butters and she wanted to share a photo of his glorious face with the world. So she did what every pet-loving celebrity (think Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus) did and uploaded a video of her scruffy ginger dog to Instagram. He’s actually a caramel toy poodle (yes, that is a type of dog and no, we can’t bear how cute that is) but he also looks like a teddy bear.

She put this caption on it, too, referencing Rihanna’s new song Bitch Better Have My Money: ‘BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF BITCH WANTS SAUSAGES!’

The only setback in this idyllic situation – imagine how many likes she was going to get for that video?! – is Katy had momentarily forgotten that, on Butters’ collar, there’s a little tag with her phone number on, in case he gets lost.

And it’s not any assistant’s number or anything – so she had to quickly delete the photo, reports Us. Being Katy Perry, with 86 million Twitter followers (she’d put the photo there, too) and 16.4 million Instagram followers, a LOT of people had noticed the image very quickly and decided to try their luck on the number. So deleting the video wasn’t enough, she had to properly de-activate her phone number! All that, over one single photo…of a dog!

Fingers crossed this doesn’t put Katy off of uploading more images of Butters – we need much more of him in our life.

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