Katy Perry Is ‘Deep On Tinder’ But We Haven’t Found Her (Or Any Other Celebs) Yet

Where are you Katy?

katy perry

by Jess Commons |

Just in case you thought that Katy Perry and John Mayer might still be a thing, then sorry to be the bearer of bad (good?) news but KP is definitely a single lady.

In an interview with Power 105.1 radio station (side note: why don’t our radio stations have such awesome names? God love them, but BBC Radio 1? Not the most inventive of titles), Katy was asked if she was single, to which she replied. ‘Uh yes I am, hello. I’m really deep on Tinder so I don’t have a whole lot of time.’

This begs several questions that we’re going to need answering right away. For instance is Katy Perry on Tinder as ‘Katy Perry’ with a big picture of Katy Perry? Because even with those new verified Tinder accounts (which we’re still yet to come across BTW), we probably wouldn’t believe it was her.

Also, doesn’t everyone just swipe right as soon as they see it’s Katy Perry? This could surely only result in her matching with anyone that she wanted, which doesn’t really seem like the point of Tinder. Whereas we’re all like, ‘Will he match with me? Won’t he?’ Katy Perry’s just going guy shopping. Which seems a little unfair.

Finally, if she’s getting all the matches under the sun, then how the hell is a guy meant to stand out in his opening gambit? Surely, ‘OMG, are you really Katy Perry?’ ain’t gonna cut it. Also, does she respond directly or does her social media team do it for her? Does Tinder come under a celebrity’s social media umbrella now?

But more importantly, why hasn’t anyone actually found her or any of these other celebrities that claim they’re on Tinder? In a world where Lauren Goodger dodging a puddle is big news, you know that sort of thing wouldn't stay secret for very long. Although saying that, one time our friend found Dean Gaffney (true story) on there and it turns out no-one really got all that excited at all. So maybe we’re just wrong about everything.

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