Who Is Katharine McPhee, Meghan Markle’s Old Friend?

They go back decades. But do they talk about politics?

Katharine McPhee

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Last year Meghan and Harry, Duchess and Duke of Sussex, were spotted at a California steakhouse, enjoying a meal with David Foster and Katharine McPhee. The record producer and his wife – a singer who first rose to fame on American Idol and later carved out a career on TV’s Smash, Broadway and The West End – were seen on a double date with the couple, which has been billed by some outlets as a celebration of Katharine’s pregnancy. She has, incidentally, now given birth and she and David were just seen out and about with their newborn son Rennie. But how do Katharine and Meghan know each other?

It’s not part of the couple’s new Hollywood expansion - although it would make sense to align with the wealthy, powerful couple who married in 2019 . Rather, Meghan and Katharine go back decades, and even attended the same school.

In January of 2019, Katharine shared an Instagram post, a throwback to their youth.

‘Meghan and I did musicals together as kids’, she wrote. ‘She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me.’

Neither Katharine, 37, nor David, 71, were at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, so we can assume that they have only reconnected since the spring on 2018: it is thought that they hung out in London when Katharine was in town to star in Waitress in 2019. But it has already reaped dividends: in January of last year, David revealed that he had helped the royal couple find a temporary bolthole in Canada after they left the UK.

'I felt honored that I was able to help Meghan there, because I'm a Canadian and we're a commonwealth country, we're the Crown's,' he told DailyMail.com. 'It's important to us, so I grew up with that kind of sentiment. I was really happy to be able to help them to find a respite just to take a little time off.'

Harry and Meghan will be glad to have friends in their new country. But they may not want to discuss politics. Last year they spoke out in a video message to their US fans, asking them to vote in the Presidential election. They did not specify a political affiliation, but their words were seen as thinly veiled criticism of Donald Trump. Katharine was, however, recently alleged to be a Republican Party donor.

Last year, screenshots of donations made to the National Republican Senatorial Committee - made by an LA-based singer named Katharine McPhee – circulated online. She has not commented.

One would have hoped, if the election had come up at dinner, Meghan may have been able to persuade her old friend to reconsider her vote…

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