Two Of The Horses From The Royal Wedding Have Retired To A Nice Farm

These horses have a nicer retirement than you're going to get.

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If you're already worried about retirement (pension anyone?) then you'll be excited to hear that your probably going to end up living a less luxe life than the royal horses do when they're put out to (literal) pasture.

Eight years on from the royal wedding, two of the horses who pulled the royal carriage have retired. 23-year-old Cloud - who is the mother of Claudia, 18 - are now both living with The Horses Trust, in the Chiltern countryside, at a 200-acre sanctuary.

This isn't just any horse retirement village. They take the creme-de-la-pony, horses from the military, the police, and various rescue ponies.

The horsies - who led the way as ‘outriders’ during the ceremony - worked for the family for most of their lives. Their duties involved taking part in outings such as the Royal Ascot and state visits. Previously, they had lived at the Royal Mews stables home.

Jeanette Allen, of the Horses Trust, told the MailOnline: ‘Since Claudia was reintroduced to Cloud they have been together all the time. When you see them together grooming each other, that is very sweet. All service horses deserve a good retirement.’

The term Windsor Grey is given to grey horses used by the royalty to draw carriages and coaches in various ceremonial processions - and they are usually picked for their stamina and steady temperament. Tyrone, another Windsor Grey, pulled the procession carriage through Windsor for the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on 19 May 2018.

Wanting to see the royal horses who are on active duty? From February embers of the public can visit the horses and the royal collection of carriages and coaches in the Royal Mews.

We're really hoping that this is entirely true, and we haven't just let the royal family fob us off with the line that 'the royal horses have gone to live on a nice farm'.

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