Kate And William Are Already Being Offered Suitors For Prince George To Marry

Luckily we doubt 9-month-old George is betrothed just yet...


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He might be less than a year old, but Prince George is such a catch that parents are already offering their daughters to Kate and Prince William (or the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, as we should be calling them) as potential brides.

During a visit to an airbase in Auckland – which saw Kate dress up a little bit like a sailor, all Breton stripes and double-breasted navy blazer (from Zara!) – local couple Karen Dreaver and her husband Jason volunteered their daughter, Emily, who is just nine days younger than the just-about-crawling Prince George, to William, 'We mentioned how well-paired she and George would be in the future.'

To which William diplomatically responded, 'There have been a few babies touted to us!'

Though the whole children-betrothed-to-one-another thing sounds a bit Game Of Thrones, or a bit human rights infringement in 2014, William and Kate married for love over titles. As posh as she is, Kate wasn't a lady before she met William, which is basically unheard of in a king-to-be's wife. We doubt they're going to make Prince George settle with anyone he's not into. Or offer him a woman who doesn't actually like him. Plus, he can't even walk yet.

On the upside, 25 or so years down the line, whoever gets to be Prince George's wife won't have to be subservient to him, as Kate totally trounced William in a sailing competition – twice. According to AP, Kate zipped past him on a sailing boat with Team New Zealand sailor Dean Barker in Aucklands Waitemata Harbour. William was left behind with round-the-world racer Grant Dalton. And Prince George? An absolute no-show, presumably being looked after by his nanny somewhere else. What a diva.

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