Kate Moss’s Sister Tweets Like The 16-Year-Old She Is

Talking exam stress and pining for the summer holidays...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Lottie Moss is a 16-year-old who lives in West Sussex and is doing her GCSE’s. But she also happens to be the half-sister of the world’s most famous model (Kate Moss, duh) and is now signed to Storm herself, so she's now got some intense media spotlight on her.

Sadly that means some tweets she wrote about hating 'chavs' have been subject to scrunity by certain newspapers - who point to the fact she's hating on them for using the words 'init', 'phat' and 'fam' aren't that politically correct. But without going into Kate’s own relationship with chavdom – she’s famously from Croydon and doesn’t speak like Kate Middleton – or even taking apart why someone would want to use the word ‘chav’, let’s remember that Lottie is 16. She’s not a spokesmodel, just a model, and she’s about to do her GCSE’s. We don’t want to defend a silly thing she’s said, but then again, we don’t want to define her by a silly thing she’s said. Especially when she’s got these other gems on her Twitter account:

Oh Lottie, we have ALL been there. Let she who is without the occasional drunken idiot Tweet cast the first scornful social media comment. We've all said stuff that we've looked back at and been ashamed of, it's just that we haven't been under the scrutiny of over 6,000 people and our big sister's celebrity mates. Good luck in your exams!

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