Kate Moss’s Little Sister Lottie Makes Her Paris Fashion Week Debut

She might just be the most relatable model yet…


by Sophie Wilkinson |

You know what we love about British models these days? They’re getting a bit more real – at least personality-wise. They’ve got flaws, backstories, they goof about, they… OK, so we’re basically talking about Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn. Even though they look like amazing, there’s a little bit more oomph to them.

Same goes for Kate Moss’s little sister, Lottie, whose Twitter feed is a constant source of relatable lols, solidarity annoyance and heartache.

Most 17-year-olds would use their walk at Paris Fashion Week to gloat and gloat for days and days. Lottie made her catwalk debut in the Sonia Rykiel show and was joined by Georgia May Jagger and her sister Lizzie in doing so, reports Vogue.

She wore a dark velvet playsuit with a flower print at the show at the company’s (massive) store – which had been converted to look like a literary café – in Saint-German-des-Prés. She also got to hang around Paris a bit, tweeting a photo of the place with the caption ‘Literally in love with this place’.

If we did that, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. But Lottie’s a bit cooler than us, and moved onto more with-it topics for the average teen: periods.

She tweeted:

We want to know the exact chain of events that triggered the tweet. Had a boy told her about the process of ovulation? Did she have her period and her period pains were laughed off by a boy who said they’re just as bad as being kicked in the balls?

Either way it’s a great tweet, and shows Lottie might just be the most relatable model yet.

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