Kate Moss’s Husband Jamie Hince Gets ‘Separation Anxiety’ When She’s Away

He also gives the most adorable and un-rock-starry description of how they came to be owners of a dog called Archie...


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He might be married to Kate Moss, but there are downsides for Jamie Hince. Part of being married to the internationally renowned model means he has to stay put at home while she’s away doing photo shoots. Oh, and part of being a guitarist with The Kills means he has to be out of town quite a bit, too.

‘My wife is very much my sidekick,’ he toldThe Mirror, ‘So I tend to get separation anxiety when I’m away from her.’

And if that wasn’t cute enough (yes, we can and will apply the word ‘cute’ to a man who’s in his forties and wears silk scarves all the bloody time), he also spoke about their dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier called Archie. Although Archie sounds about as British as a soggy bacon sandwich on a soggy pier at a soggy beach on a wet June day, he’s actually Italian: ‘He came from the deepest, wildest countryside in Italy. He was almost feral.’

‘I should’ve gotten a shelter dog, I know. But Archie was born, he was there and he needed me, so I adopted him.’

Another 25 cute points to the man with the distressed leather ankle boots, please. Jamie was speaking about his missus because he’s got an exhibition of loads of photos of her opening in New York at a swish gallery. His sideline into photography doesn’t only include of photos of her, but images of his bandmate, Alison Mosshart, also cuddling up to Archie.

But if you’re thinking of getting a print for your bedroom, think again – some of the pictures are going for up to £2,400. Well, you wouldn’t expect it to be any less expensive for a picture of Kate Moss shot by her husband, would you?

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