Kate Moss and Pete Doherty’s Weekends Couldn’t Have Been More Different

Kate makes a roast, while Pete weighs in on Brexit...


by Sophie Wilkinson |

Yes, yes, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are old news - 12-years-old news, in fact - but following our magazine story last week, in which sources said that that the warbling crooner had been in touch with the model with a ‘rambling love letter’, we’ve had a little looksee at what both are - very separately - doing with their lives.

Kate, who is dating Nikolai von Bismarck, appears in a video taking us through cooking a roast, cutting potatoes with a distinct lack of regard to the fact that the smaller you cut up potatoes, the quicker - and crispier - they cook. She’s the picture of tranquil domesticity as she shoves a lemon up the bum of a chicken, and steams some multicoloured heritage carrots, remarking ‘I’ve cooked roasts for Harry Styles, Rita Ora and Edward [Enninful, we’re assuming, not Sheeran]…everyone likes a home cooked meal when they’ve been away’

Filmed to tie in with Kate’s cover on this month’s Vogue, it’s hardly the 73 Questions we were sort of expecting, but it’s still a classic of its time, as Kate compares her gravy to ‘a witches brew’, remarking in her still-so-Croydon voice: ‘I’ve got one vegan guest, but he only eats potatoes’ before her various guests, ranging from street style star Blondey McCoy to Emma Viscountess Weymouth, give her points, _Come Dine With Me-_style.

Meanwhile, Pete, who is dating Katia deVidas and living in Margate where he’s doing up a hotel with his old bandmates The Libertines, went on the Channel 4 News to talk about what Brexit is doing the country.

’It breaks my heart really because I’ve got this horrible creeping, I can feel like in Watership Down the the fields start to turn black because of all of the propaganda we’re getting fed about Brexit,’ he said.

‘I don’t believe that this great British nation is capable of doing that to itself and destroying my band in the process. Because I’m the only British passport holder in the band’

He added: ‘it’ll be the best thing in the world for music’, suggesting that creativity in hardship is a bit more impressive, as part of a ‘backlash’. More usefully, he detailed how it was easier to get drugs in prison than it was to get a pen and paper, before tearfully explaining why he thinks he's still alive after so much time caning it.

As surprising as Pete and Kate’s relationship - which lasted from 2005 to 2007 - was at the time, what would you have been more shocked by if we’d told you, at some point in 2006, that the country’s future would be such a mess that Pete Doherty was being asked about it, in sincerity, and that Kate Moss would be making a roast dinner on YouTube?

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