Why Kate Moss Is, Always Has Been And Always Will Be Our Ultimate Life Icon

What does Kate Moss eat (not salad)? Does Kate Moss exercise (nope)? Does Kate Moss care about Instagram (nah)? She has given The Guardian a rare interview and we can't get enough of it

An Ode To Kate Moss

by Chloe James |
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Kate Moss just proved what we’ve always known– she’s the queen of models. Before the time of mega-models made of money and followers, she was the ‘anti-model’. Shorter, crasser, and (normally) drunker than other models, she claimed in a recent rare Guardian interview to ‘live by [her] own rules’.

We’ve never really needed confirmation that Kate Moss manages to ace life with a glass of champagne in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Despite so much of a contemporary model’s career being built on their social media following, Moss says it isn’t really her thing, claiming: ‘the more privacy, the better’.

‘Social media is just not me. I’ve never really liked it – that whole thing of ‘look at me!’’

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That’s not to say that she doesn’t still get attention. But, arguably, getting attention from partying your way around the world and being kicked off a plane for calling a pilot a ‘basic bitch’ is a more mysterious way to grow a reputation than a daily selfie (at which, Moss admits, she’s terrible).

She’s just been announced as the face of Decorté Beauty, she’s contributing editor to British Vogue, and runs her own modelling agency, which just signed their first model. Kate revealed that even her beauty regime is as hapless as ours - admittedly with a much greater payoff.

‘My skincare routine is really simple. I couldn’t be bothered with loads of products. I haven’t got the time or the inclination to sit there for ages.’

Kate even proved that, in a time of feeds filled with salads and acai bowls, clean eating is not the be all, end all. She admits that she ‘never used to really eat salads’ and that even though she tries to eat healthier than she did at the height of ‘heroin chic’, she ‘enjoy[s] food, proper food’. Remember next time you’re scarfing down pizza that hey, you’re basically just like Kate Moss.

Big family names might dominate the industry right now, but it’s only right to pay the queen of cool her dues. Moss was an OG supermodel, with no reality show to back her up. Kate does what she wants and owns it under the banner of 'Never complain, never explain'. In a world documented by Instagram, it’s a much more freeing way to live. So, here’s to Kate Moss in all her entrepreneurial, chain-smoking, drink in hand, Croydon lass glory.

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