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It's Been A Wild, Wild Week For The Royal Family

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Is it just us, or have things gone a little Freaky Friday over at Royal HQ this week? If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, let us give you a quick debrief…

Typically, you can count on official royal engagements to follow a standard formula: a meet-and-greet or ‘walkabout’ session, a visit to one of the various good and worthy causes that the royals support, maybe a speech or more informal chatting with the public followed by some cheerful photo opps and a polite departure. The Duchess of Cambridge might wear a new colourful coat dress, her husband might field questions about Prince George with brief but heart-warming answers (he loves Fireman Sam! And the Lion King! And helicopters!) and someone will ask Harry about his forthcoming stag do. Business as usual, right?

This week, though, the royals’ engagements seem to have gone a little off-piste in the most brilliant way possible. We’re not referring to any faux pas on their part, of course – as ever, they’ve been the very model of decorum – rather, we’re talking about the unexpected tangents which their latest visits have taken.

Exhibit A: the Queen’s appearance at London Fashion Week on Tuesday. In her 66 years on the throne, this marked the first time that our monarch attended a catwalk show (her sister Margaret, of course, was famously a patron of Dior back in the 1950s). Seeing HRH sat front row alongside Anna Wintour, we did a double take, assuming that the pictures flooding our feeds to be the work of brilliantly iconoclastic Instagram artist @freddiemade (who, in an equally brilliant twist, attended a Buckingham Palace celebration of Commonwealth fashion that day, hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge). We were wrong: the pictures were real, and the Queen had graced Richard Quinn’s show with her presence, bestowing the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design upon the avant-garde designer.

Just a few hours later, the ante was upped when Kensington Palace’s Instagram account posted a truly spectacular image of Prince William riding a motorbike on an otherwise low-key visit to the Triumph factory. How to describe this particular aesthetic? ‘90s boyband member finally making his comeback, perhaps, or an outtake from an M&S Blue Harbour ad campaign; it’s almost definitely the sort of thing that Liam Payne will be posting on social media in approximately 17 years’ time.

Where’s Kate been in all of this, you ask? Fear not: the Duchess joined her husband the next day for a trip to Sunderland where, in between the usual school visits and hard-hat wearing photo sessions, she was inked up with a henna tattoo, which should last a couple of days (and, to save yourself the Google session, is non-toxic and perfectly safe for pregnant women). All in a day’s work for the royals, we guess...

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