Kate Middleton’s Having Another Baby! (With William, Obvs)

Which means a lot more partying for Prince Harry, right?


by Sophie Wilkinson |

Just as the real life news cycle has got so depressing that people around the world have turned to throwing buckets of ice water on their head for entertainment and lols, up comes some exciting news in the form of Kate Middleton (ok, ok, The Duchess of Cambridge - we'll definitely call her that one day) is pregnant with her second child.

The news was confirmed today by Clarence House, as Kate is currently in hospital suffering with the same acute morning sickness she experienced early on in her pregnancy. A statement says the Queen and members of both families are 'delighted' with the news, reports the BBC. In case you don't follow this sort of stuff (not that it's possible not to), Kate and Prince William (Duke of Cambridge etc etc his royal highness) already have a son, Prince George, who is now third in line to the throne.

Whatever sort of baby is brewing within Kate's womb right now (lots of people, predictably, are hoping for a princess), all that we do know is that it will be fourth in line to the throne, kicking Prince Harry into fifth place. So, with all of the speculation that might follow today's news, the one certainty from this pregnancy, apart from bump-watch, baby-watch and thousands of people camped outside the maternity wing of a private hospital next summer sometime, just waiting for the shot of a screaming wrinkle of child-bundle, is a lot more partying for Harry. So long as he's never going to be king, he really can have as much fun as he likes.

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