Kate, William And Harry Star In A New Film To Promote Mental Health Awareness

The royals had an honest chat as part of the #okaytosay campaign...


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Today, a new film has been released as part of the Heads Together campaign, a mental health charity spearheaded by Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry.

The clip captures an honest chat between the royals in the grounds of Kensington Palace, as they discuss everything from bereavement to parenthood. The film has launched as part of the #okaytosay campaign, in an attempt to promote more conversation around mental health.

In the video, the royals discussed the problems we face as a society in the current age.

"You have so many things to worry about now whether you're struggling with exams, whether you're struggling with home life or whether you're struggling with friends. And then you have the social media angle," Prince William said. "You can understand why that, coupled with the fact that you don't get out of the house because you're staring at a screen the whole time, there's got to be a lot of issues that build from that."

Prince Harry agreed, adding: "It's always sold as everyone else's life is perfect. That's the problem and then you think if everyone else's life is perfect, there must be something wrong with me. If you can have a family environment where you can talk openly about your issues, that will make for a better family, better preparation, you'll do better at school and better at your job..."

The video has been released just a week after Harry spoke out about his struggle to cope following the death of his mother, Princess Diana. The 32-year-old revealed to The Telegraph in Bryony Gordon's Mad World podcast, that he sought counselling in his late twenties after admitting he 'shut down his emotions'.

But in the video, Harry and William also admit that they 'bonded' over the tragic experience.

"We have been brought closer because of the circumstances, that's the thing," William admits. "You are uniquely bonded because of what we've been through. But even Harry and I over the years have not talked enough about our mother."

He continued: "You have to prioritise your mental health. It's very easy to walk away from it and avoid it the whole time but someone has to take the lead and be brave enough to force the conversation."

Watch the full conversation below:

The London Marathon takes place this Sunday and over 39,000 runners are expected to support Heads Together.

For further information on mental health, please visit the website.

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