Now Kate Middleton’s Photoshop Fail Has Launched A Thousand Memes

The internet meme machine wasted no time...


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If you’re anything like us, then you’re hooked on Kategate – the never-ending wormhole into where Kate Middleton actually is.

Amid growing speculation surrounding the Princess of Wales' whereabouts, the Palace attempted to quell the rumours by releasing a picture for Mother's Day, showing Kate Middleton sat with her children George, Charlotte and Louis. Unfortunately for them, the snap has only added fuel to the fire of conspiracy theories.

Charlotte’s sleeves disappears, Kate’s wedding ring is missing, and many were left questioning just how much of the image was real. Within hours, photo agencies recalled the photograph over concerns it was digitally altered, with Kensington Palace sharing a personal apology from the Princess of Wales.

So far, The Princess of Wales has chosen not to reveal any further details about her surgery and - and she shouldn't have to. The palace has also refused to release the original version of the now infamous Mother's Day photo, or clarify how and why it was altered. So, in the other absence of any other information about the image, the internet has developed it's own theories.

Here are just some of the many theories about Kate Middleton's Mother's Day image doing the rounds this week...

Conspiracy 1: Kate's face has been taken from Vogue

One popular conspiracy theory doing the rounds is that Kate’s smiling face was actually photoshopped in - with the actual picture coming directly from an old Vogue cover. After people superimposed the two on top of each other, they certainly appeared to be a picture perfect match.

Of course, it does make sense that the pictures would line up. Similarities between the two faces are to be expected because, after all, it is Kate’s face.

Conspiracy 2: The pictures of the children were taken from a family trip to a Baby Bank last year.

Turns out, the picture might never have existed. One TikTok user pointed out that the Wales family appear to be wearing similar (if not the exact same) outfits they wore to volunteer at a Baby Bank in November. Princess Charlotte's outfit is strikingly similar, with the possibility of a photoshopped jumper explaining the weirdness around her wrists. Others have hypothesised that Kate’s Reiss turtleneck has been photoshopped into a different colour.

Conspiracy 3: Kate really is an amateur

Like all amateur photographers, Kate no doubt wants to brush up on her skills – which is exactly why she may have vanished off to brush up on her expertise.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Kate is using her downtime to try out a new hobby. Recovering from surgery means her schedule is looking remarkably free, and she may simply be using photoshop to help pass the time.

Of course, there are more sinister conspiracy theories over her whereabouts, which don't need repeating here. But in the eyes of many, it’s a rare situation to have senior working royals vanish completely from the public eye, particularly one who has been photographed outside hospitals just hours after the birth of her children.

Perhaps the Waleses are outfit repeaters, perhaps Kate needed a snap where all three kids weren’t blinking, or maybe, just maybe, the family are just doing everything they can do give the Princess time and space to recover from surgery. But amid the worry and concern, there has been one ray of light. Get ready for the memes...

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