Kate Middleton Is A Massive One Tree Hill Fan. Remember It?

Ahead of The Royals premiere on Sunday, turns out Kate Middleton and Prince William were fans of Mark Schwahn's previous work: including One Tree Hill


by Stevie Martin |

Turns out Kate and Wills are just as into trash TV as us normal people. While they were dating, E! reports that they used to watch One Tree Hill and were totally addicted to it. Remember One Tree Hill? With Chad Michael Murray? And loads of other fit people, who went out with each other and then dumped each other and over-analysed it to the point of eye-rolling?

Ahead of the premiere for The Royals, starring Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen of England (can you image Liz Hurley as Queen because OMG we can), creator Mark Schwahn who also created One Tree Hill said: ‘I was told Will and Kate were big fans. I was approached about season four or five of One Tree Hill. And they said “William and Kate love the show. They watch it all the time. Can we put together some box sets for them? Can we send along some stuff?” Obviously they were dating. And I said, “Cool. Let’s send them some stuff!’

But the real question is, will Kate and Wills be fans of his newest outing, that ribs the royal family? As well as having Liz Hurley as the Queen, The Royals focuses on the sex, drugs and romance scandals of a fictional royal family – although it’s not a direct dig at the current monarchy.

Mark says: ‘I would love for Will and Kate to be fans of the show, and it would really bother me if people thought that we were attacking the actual monarchy. I’m a big fan, actually. I think it’s relevant and important, and I love being able to go to London and see the history, touch the history, and be fascinated by it.’

Also, it’s worth pointing out that if William and Kate fell in love while watching OTH, watching The Royals with your boyf/girlf might ensure you get married. And become royalty.

‘Who knows what* The Royals* can do for your relationship? You’re gonna have beautiful children. So watch The Royals. You’ll meet a prince. You’ll get married. You’ll have beautiful children and be happy forever,’ says Mark.


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