Turns Out Kanye West Is Just As Indecisive As The Rest Of Us

He's just a normal human being, like you and I

Turns Out Kanye West Is Just As Indecisive As The Rest Of Us

by Chemmie Squier |
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Do you have trouble deciding whether to have beans on toast or a jacket potato and tuna for dinner? What about whether it’s a jeans or skirt kind of day? Did you struggle with settling on a name for your 8th album?

Oh my god, Kanye West too!

Two days ago, Kanye humbly announced that he’d finished his 8th album, with the following tweet which featured a really very average notepad (not even a Pukka Pad) with ‘Kylie Was Here’ scrawled on it.

This was followed up with an equally humble tweet.

Before, in a move that shook the globe, announcing that he had in fact changed his mind about the original five letter, monosyllabic title Swish, and had decided to call it Waves instead. As in, making waves. As in, making waves in the music industry. As in splashing around and making waves in the metaphorical sea that is the over-saturated music industry. As in, another five letter, monosyllabic word that he probably dreamt of or something.

Shortly followed by another shot of his now-more-messy notepad that kind of looks likes the wall of my school toilet.

And then! And then, he acts like he’s all sad about it. As if he wasn’t the one to change the name.

A roller coaster of emotions, I’m sure you’ll agree. But what we should all take away from this is that Kanye West is just a normal human being. That he too struggles with decisions, just like you and I.

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