This Kanye West – North West Face Swap Is Just The Best

Whoever did this deserves the biggest prize ever

This Kanye West - North West Face Swap Is Just The Best

by Stevie Martin |
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Occasionally, something comes along which demands immediate genius status. Something that both humbles us and really makes us consider the deeper meaning of life. Occasionally, though, The Huffington Post might photoshop Kanye West’s head onto his daughter’s body thereby creating pure hilarity without even trying.

In a way, this also humbles us and makes us consider the deeper meaning of life – as in, the deeper meaning of life if Kanye had the body of a toddler and was carried around by his wife Kim Kardashian (y’know, in case you didn’t realise they were a couple) all the time.

Behold the ridiculous imagery, and really enjoy yourself. The guy who created these, Elliot Wagland, deserves a really big prize.


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Pictures: Elliot Wagland for HuffPost UK

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