Kanye West Has Changed His Mind About Donald Trump

Did Mr West wake up?

Kanye West Has Changed His Mind About Donald Trump

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Kanye West says a lot of things, doesn’t he? Sometimes those things aren’t the most sensible of things. But Kanye West says them anyway because Kanye West speaks his mind.

Remember the time Kanye announced that he’d vote for Donald Trump? That was a time when Kanye spoke his mind, lot's of people disagreed, (because, Trump) but Kanye said it anyway. He didn’t actually vote in last year's US election in the end, but if he had the world is clear on who Kanye’s vote would have gone to. Well, we were.

Now it looks like Kanye might have had a change of heart though, because any mention of Trump has been deleted from Kanye’s Twitter account, reports TMZ.

Yep, Kanye has attempted to remove traces of Trump from his Twitter because according to TMZ he’s rather displeased with Trump’s performance in his first two weeks as President. Funny that.

Apparently, the decision to do so was totally all Kanye's though, and the 'Muslim ban' was right up there with the other concerning decisions made by Trump over the last couple of weeks that pushed Kanye to rid his personal Twitter of Trump.

It one of those things that has very limited impact though because, for one, it’s not like Kanye unfollowed Trump on Twitter. We all know how bold of a statement a sneaky unfollow is. The only person he follows is wife Kim Kardashian West, so you know, not much of a change there. Then there's fact that Kanye has publicly positioned himself as a Trump supporter. It’s been said, done and screenshotted. And these sort of things aren't forgotten in a hurry. So it just feels a bit like Kanye has just suddenly realised how ridiculous it is to have Donald Trump as Leader of the Free World and is making a half-assed attempt at damage control. I'm sorry but Wake Up Mr West, I'm not entirely sure it works like that.

Okay sure, the chances of Kanye putting on a concert to publically retract that he would've voted for Trump are pretty slim, but still. What's the point in deleting a few tweets? Maybe I'm being too sceptical, maybe I'm being too harsh, but come on Kanye.

Back in December when he met Trump in New York City, Kanye tweeted: ‘I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.’ So, does Kanye’s Twitter snub mean that he’s given up on change? Would it be too much to read into this as a change of heart? Will Kanye still run for President in 2020?

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