What Does Kanye’s Mysterious Kountdown Mean?

The end of the world? Or a Kollaboration? Who knows


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Kanye West, him of the grand ideas and leather t-shirts, has tweeted a link to a new website called Yeezy Supply that, at the moment, just holds a mysterious countdown. If we’re being sensible, it’s probably a countdown to the reveal of that Adidas partnership he's set to debut at NYFW, because it’s Friday and it’s sunny and not actually as freezing cold as it’s been this whole week (in London at least, sorry if you’re still suffering in other parts of the country #staywarm) let's just forget about being sensible. So here’s a few other things we’re hoping it might be a countdown to.

The re-launch of Cribs, in which the West household takes centre stage

Remember when Mariah Carey went on Cribs and everyone was like, ‘Hahaha how bonkers is Mariah Carey and her diva complex? Also, why is she naked in the bath.' Ah the heady days of 2002, how sweet, young and naive we were. We had NFI just how stratospheric the levels of celebrity mental-ness could actually go under the rule of Kim and Kanye. Now in 2015, Cribs could walk into Kanye’s house, find a room full of naked Amazonian women as butlers, a professional ass-buffing room for Kim and a fully-trained Chihuahua acting as North’s full-time nanny and we’d be all like, Meh’. Would totally watch though.

An announcement that the last few years has all been an elaborate joke

'Wait, that time I said I was 'God’s vessel' you guys actually believed me? Priceless. Fancy a beer in the local Wetherspoons?'

A Paul/Kanye/Rihanna supergroup

I mean really truly how great is FourFive Seconds? Like really truly I just want to take everything about Rihanna in this video, squish it down really small, put it in a bottle and get it out for whiff every time I'm feeling sad. Imagine if these three made more music together, I probably wouldn't need to listen to anything else ever again. They could be called Paul-Y-Ana which not only sounds like Pollyanna but also has the added bonus of meaning 'Paul and Anna' in Spanish thus capturing the all-important Latina commerical market. They could follow in the footsteps of other great two guys/one girl pop groups out there, like N Dubz.

Another child for the West clan

North has been doing a sterling job of leading the celebrity baby pack for the past year or so but Kanye's a businessman and that means growing his empire. And that means more children to take on the family name and one day run the various clothing labels, restaurants and perfume lines that he and Kim own. It's essentially what they used to do back in the day; breed children so they could work on the farm once your back gave out, but instead, the West children are going to be new material on reality TV shows. Circle of Life isn't it? So it goes.

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