Justin Trudeau Is No Amateur When It Comes To Meeting The Queen

He certainly arrived with a few dad jokes up his sleeve...


by Danielle Fowler |

Justin Trudeau is officially the Internet's heart throb. The likes of Ivanka Trump, Kate Middleton and Barack Obama have all openly succumbed to his charm and striking jawline, after all.

And not even the Queen is immune from the Canadian Prime Minister's feminist beliefs and deep chestnut eyes.

When Her Majesty first met Trudeau, she certainly seemed pleased (most probably to the dismay of husband Prince Philip). So we imagine that when she had the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister again yesterday, it was an offer she couldn't refuse.

The pair seemed to be deep in conversation ©Getty

Trudeau travelled to Scotland to be awarded the degree of Doctor honoris causa by the University of Edinburgh yesterday. Following the prestigious ceremony, Trudeau met with Her Majesty in order to 'honour her importance to Canada's history and to thank her for her continued dedication to Canada'.

And he was sure to turn on the charm. To the Queen's pleasure, Trudeau was filmed saying: "I've been offered an honorary degree at the University of Edinburgh. It probably dismays a number of my former professors to see a doctor now - even an honorary [one]". What a joker.

Trudeau met with the Queen yesterday ©Getty

But it seems he learnt from the best. Justin's father, Pierre Trudeau, was the Canadian Prime Minister for a total of 15 years during the 1970's and 1980's and had the pleasure of frequently meeting with the Queen. Though, we're not sure how Philip felt about their encounters.

Justin's father, Pierre Trudeau, was also known for making the Queen giggle ©Getty

As a consequence of their friendship, Her Majesty also met Justin when he was just a child, as he joked at their first meeting after being made Prime Minister: "The last time we met, you looked much taller." Of course, Her Majesty cracked a rare smile.

It's official, nobody is immune from Trudeau.

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