All The Internet Reactions To Justin Timberlake’s Drink Driving Arrest

Naturally the internet had the best response to Justin Timberlake DWI charge

All The Reactions To Justin Timberlake's Drink Driving Arrest

by Daisy Hall |
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Yesterday afternoon the surprising news broke that *NSYNC singer - and Trolls actor as he's hilariously being referred to in some reports - Justin Timberlake has been arrested and charged with driving whilst intoxicated.

But actually, was it really that shocking? Justin Timberlake isn't exactly a man free from controversy. In fact, general consensus from social media - which can always be relied on to have the best reactions to celebrity drama - is that Justin's arrest has been a long time coming.

Now we're not here to play down the fact that drink driving is incredibly dangerous and of course illegal, but the internet's reaction to Timberlake's arrest has been a treat to watch.

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