Justin Bieber’s Roast Was Uncomfortably Misogynistic

Roasts are meant to go too far – but why is saying Bieber has a ‘clit’ the most offensive thing some of the comedians can think of?

Justin Bieber Comedy Roast

by Stevie Martin |
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Comedy roasts, where celebrities lay into another celebrity with no-holds-barred is supposed to go too far. You’re supposed to watch it through your fingers and say things like, ‘Holy shit did they just go there?,’ and while Justin Bieber’s roast was entertaining at times – and by god that guy had it coming – some of the ‘burns’ weren’t bad because they were offensive to Bieber. They were offensive to women, and they were also incredibly mean about Justin’s ex Selena Gomez. Who did not sign up to get burned.

So hey, Pete Davidson (American stand-up), why is referring to Justin Bieber as having a ‘clit’ the most insulting thing you can think of? Why didn’t you go after something else like, y’know, every story that comes up when you Google Justin Bieber? Similar to ‘you’re such a girl’, this sort of stuff isn’t clever and it’s not insulting to Bieber because, um, he isn’t a woman. It’s insulting to women. Oh, and the same goes for you Chris D’Elia for your burn, ‘You’re such a bitch, you have a bigger clit than the one Bruce Jenner wants.’ Apart from being a lame insult, why is having a vagina that most offensive thing you can throw at Bieber? Disappointing.

What’s equally disappointing, though, is people’s mean references to Selena Gomez, who didn’t consent to having her name dragged through dogshit. ‘Why are you here? This is a terrible idea. You’re about to get fucked harder than Orlando Bloom fucked Selena Gomez,’ said Chris D’Elia. ‘Selena Gomez wanted to be here, but she’s dating men now. Is it true you dumped her because she grew a mustache before you? Selena Gomez had sex with [you]... proving Mexicans will do the disgusting jobs Americans just won’t do,’ added comedian Jeff Ross. Oh cool racism, man. Racism targeted at someone who isn’t supposed to be getting roasted.

Yeah, the point of the roasts are that they’re mean. But they also reveal something darker – just how entrenched, and ingrained sexism still is, especially on the comedy circuit. And it’s not cool to point it out because, er, guys it’s a laugh stop being uptight feminists who are outraged at everything.’ We’re not saying roasts should be censored, we're saying that they’re telling us a lot about what’s still wrong with the world, and what needs to be sorted. Firstly, that having a clit isn’t one of the most offensive things two comedians can think of when insulting a man. And secondly, we need to get some better comedians, with some better jokes.

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