Justin Bieber Has Never ‘Made Love’ To His Own Songs

It’s a humble confession…that, or he’s only ever boned to his own music…

Justin Bieber Has Never ‘Made Love’ To His Own Crooning

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Justin appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show and did that Carpool Karaoke thing that he does. As well as shouting and chair-dancing together, Justin admitted to James that his song Baby is so utterly Marmitey that it’s broken a particular record: ‘It’s a smash record. It’s got the most dislikes on the internet.’

He also made sexier revelations. One was that he never wears the same pair of underwear twice, because, y’know, Calvin Klein sends him so many free pairs. You wonder, though, how sexy is it for someone to basically waste that much fabric – he should at least auction them off to obsessive fans for charity, right?

Another was a lot more impressive. He says he can do a Rubik’s cube in two minutes and he did! You can check that – and the whole interview out – here:

If you can’t watch right now, beyond the pair eating chips, James also asks Justin, repeatedly: ‘Do you listen to your own music when you’re making love?’

To which Justin steadfastly replied, ‘No.’

But maybe Justin’s reticence to respond positively is because he’s only ever boned to his own music. We can’t otherwise explain the look on his face when he dances around to the absolute banger that is Where Are Ü Now (the collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo). Listen to that one here:

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