Justin Bieber Can’t Get A Rental Either, Just Like The Rest Of Us (Lol, JK)

Just kidding. He's fine. People just don't want him around.

Justin Bieber Can’t Get A Rental Either, Just Like The Rest Of Us (Lol, JK)

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

It must be really hard being Justin Bieber. Having such a large and loyal fan base. Making millions from albums and tours, performing songs he can’t remember the words to. Firmly recognised, regardless of the consequences hiccups along the way, as the biggest pop stars in the world. Must be a drag. And while there are many aspects of this particular 23-year-old Canadian’s life that are incredibly unrelatable, it seems Biebs is experiencing something that’s not all that far from what our generation is doomed to struggle with for the best part of our lives too: finding somewhere to live.

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LOL. JOKEZ. Just kidding. Justin Bieber is fine and his situation is nowhere near the reality of living through the housing crisis, going through rigorous, emotionally draining housemate auditions for the sake of renting a room the size of Harry Potter’s crib under the stairs, and probably never ever being able to afford to buy our own homes. Justin Bieber knows none of this shit. Because he’s Justin Bieber, and he lives his life by exceptions.

The exception by which JB finds himself in this predicament in is that no one in Beverly Hills wants to lease their homes to him. What. A. Shame.

A Hollywood real estate source told Page Six that due to Bieber’s ‘reputation for trashing mansions’, no one wants to give him a house. ‘Justin wants to rent a big estate, but many of the owners of the big Beverly Hills properties which are for rent have clubbed together to agree that nobody should rent to Justin’. The Neighbourhood Watch scheme has really evolved, it seems.

A precedent has been set, let’s not forget. There was the time he egged a neighbours house back in 2014. Or in 2015 when Justin was renting a place in Beverly Hills but let Meek Mill host the Grammy’s party there and the result was a trashed house. And okay, let’s be fair here. Justin Bieber was a very different guy back then. Retrospectively he was going through some stuff that many of us will never know more about beyond that arrest, drug accusations and the like. But things have changed. Justin’s changed. He told us so on Instagram.

Nevertheless, is it really all that surprising that despite the offer of $100,000 per month, homeowners in once illustrious Beverley Hills don't want to hand over their keys to little old JB? No. Not really.

Don't worry, though. Justin is doing just fine. Instagram tells us he's skateboarding around and chilling with his pals and stuff. He's also apparently living in a hotel at the moment instead. JB is, and forever will be, just fine.

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