Just Like Us, Emma Stone Is Really Glad Jennifer Lawrence Exists

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Hollywood folklore would have it that down-to-earth actresses just aren't allowed to exist, and that Jennifer Lawrence was a happy exception to the rule of actresses who blend in to fit in, who give boring quotes and, if they muck up on the red carpet, never acknowledge it. But, wait a second, as Emma Stone does a promotional tour for Spiderman 2, we've remembered how cool and down-to-earth she is.

So cool and down-to-earth that she's heralded one of her peers - none other than Jennifer Lawrence - as an inspiration. 'I just think she's so great, isn't she?'

'She is so inspiring to me and I am so grateful that she exists in the world as someone who is authentic and who has not bent to fit any idea of what a woman should be in that kind of position.' Emma told Stylist.

'She is so talented. I am just so happy she is around for women everywhere. It's just fantastic.'

Excuse us a moment why we take a moment to really enjoy the fact two of our favourite actresses like each other just as much as we like them. This isn't the first time Emma's bigged up Jennifer; she previously mentioned the * Hunger Games* actress in a TV interview and thanks to that medium, we now have a gif of the JLaw/Emma love-in.

And the feeling's somewhat mutual - during the Oscars, JLaw said to E!'s Ryan Seacrest 'I told Emma Stone I would do this' before yelling to the infamous mani-cam'Your ass is mine, Stone'. In-jokes, sure, but in-jokes we'd love to be in on.

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