Lady Gaga Asked Dot Cotton On A Night Out And We Can’t Stop Thinking About It

'She saw me sitting on my own and came back, dropped the whole Gaga thing and invited me to a nightclub.’

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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Have you ever imagined what Lady Gaga would be like on night out? (I know we have.) Similarly, have you ever watched EastEnders, and wondered what Dot Cotton - aka the fabulous June Brown - would be like on a night out? (I know we have.)

This weekend, we were blessed with the news that this wild dream this could have actually happened because, well, it's just been revealed that Gaga invited June - who we must remember, is in her nineties - along for a night on the town in 2013, giving birth to the most iconic headline we have ever seen, ‘EastEnders icon June Brown, 92, reveals Lady Gaga, 33, invited her to a nightclub after they hit it off on Graham Norton.'

Speaking to the Daily Star, the bonafide TV queen revealed all about the enigmatic popstar, ‘She was so funny, intelligent and down to earth, but when she went in front of the press, you could see her put the Gaga persona on. She saw me sitting on my own and came back, dropped the whole Gaga thing and invited me to a nightclub.’ But sadly, the Girls Night Out Of Our Dreams didn’t become a reality, because June kinda sorta pied Gaga, adding, ‘Sadly I couldn't make it, but I thought what a charming and talented girl.'

During the recording of the chat show, fashion queen Gaga - who was wearing a mesh dress and feather headdress, no less - even told June how in awe she was of her style. ‘I am a really big fan of yours. You are so fabulously dressed,’ she said. ‘I am honoured to be sitting next to you.’

Literally, just think, what if - in some alternate universe - this happened?! Could you imagine the outfits they would have worn? Could you imagine the carnage Lady Gaga and June Brown would have unleashed on an unsuspecting London? Could you imagine the cigarettes which would have been smoked? We totally reckon June could keep up with Gaga and her famous partying ways. After all, the legend recently proclaimed how she she was refusing to give up booze and cigarettes, saying the secret to a long life is doing "what you damn well please". She told the Mirror, in quotes bound to make fitness Instagrammers weep, ‘I'm going to die of something fairly soon, so why not enjoy myself? I love red wine and also dark chocolate... and the Guinness helps me keep a bit of weight on.’

If Gaga and June ever do happen to go on a night out, we want to be invited.

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