Who Is Julius Cowdrey? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Made In Chelsea Star

Remember when he auditioned for The Voice?


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Made in Chelsea is back - and a couple of faces have returned. After a year long break,Miles Nazaire returned last night to stir up some drama. But, perhaps more surprising was the return of Julius Cowdrey (who got into a bit of an argument with Liv Bentley). Julius hasn’t been on the show since 2017 - when he left to pursue his music career - so, if you need a bit of a refresher, here’s what you need to know about the reality star.

Who is Julius Cowdrey?

Julius is a singer-songwriter, who discovered passion for music while singing in the Tonbridge School choir. He began songwriting at the age of 16, and released his first track 7 Roads (I See You) in 2016. Julius was on Made In Chelsea for 12 months before quitting the show to focus on his singing. At the time, he was also known for dating co-star Ella Wills, but alas they are no longer together.

Julius comes from a cricketing dynasty with his father Chris and grandfather, life peer, Colin Cowdrey, both captaining England. He also has a twin brother called Fabian, who also plays cricket.

Wait, Julius Cowdrey was on The Voice?

Yep, what a reality TV crossover. Julius auditioned for the show last year, where he performed his own original song Take Me Home. While sadly none of the judges turned for him, Meghan Trainor did say he had a ‘beautiful voice’. But then if he did progress on The Voice, he probably wouldn't be back on Made In Chelsea, so it isn't all bad.

How old is Julius Cowdrey?

He was born on January 30 1993, by our calculations making him 28.

What’s Julius Cowdrey’s Instagram?

You can follow him on @jlcowdrey - expect lots of very suave outfit pics and lots of singing videos.

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