This Is How Jourdan Dunn Spends Christmas With Her Son Riley

Jourdan Dunn

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How does a supermodel celebrate Christmas? With champagne and diamonds of course.

We caught up with Swarovski global ambassador Jourdan Dunn ahead of a meet and greet at the brand's store in Westfield, Stratford to find out how the London-based model celebrates the festive season.

She gets an early start

My son wakes me up early [on Christmas Day] to ask if he can go and open his presents, so we have to wake up the whole family at my mum’s house and start the day.

‘My son is pretty easy to buy for, I’ll probably get him a camcorder this year because he likes to make his own mini action movies.

'He thinks he’s a bit of a rockstar and tries to make me have cameos in his films, but he always picks the times when my wig is off, or my off moments – so I delete them afterwards.

‘I’ll probably get my mum jewellery this year - a Swarovski necklace, and kitchen gadgets.’

A champagne breakfast is essential

‘My mum will make breakfast which involves Jamaican ackee and saltfish and dumplings, or sometimes it will be a mixture of English and Jamaican. Then obviously champagne, always a champagne breakfast.’

She has Christmas dinner, not lunch

‘Riley plays with his toys, and we stay in our pyjamas for a while, and then I start helping my mum with the cooking.

‘We do Christmas dinner, not lunch, we have our meal about 7pm which is way later than other people.’

Her mum used to hide her Christmas presents from her and her brothers

‘My mum would always act as if she wasn’t going to buy us presents, so my brothers and I would see if we could hear mum wrapping up the Christmas presents the night before.

‘She wouldn’t put the Christmas presents out before Christmas, so we’d wake up around 7am and see them all.’

She’s a last-minute shopper just like us

‘On Christmas Eve I’m getting last minute Christmas presents. I always buy wrapping paper last minute, then I prepare dinner with my mum and season the meat.’

She likes simple gifts

‘People always think I’m hard to buy for, but I like really simple things. I just bought my first place so a keyring would be nice – I like the things you used to get when you were younger and turn your nose up at. And I want socks – socks are always going missing.’

She goes barefaced at Christmas

'I don’t wear makeup at Christmas, unless I’m going to a Christmas party. If I’m only going to be seeing me and my brothers, I’m not wearing makeup – but I’ll have my lashes and brows done before Christmas.

'Sometimes I dress up for Christmas, last year I was in my bikini on Christmas Day because I was in Barbados. Usually I’ll put on a nice little dress or stay in my pyjamas, it depends how I feel.'

She doesn’t set New Year’s Resolutions

'I make goals throughout the year, I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions because I think that can be putting a bit too much pressure on yourself, so I make small goals throughout the year.

'On New Year’s Eve this year I’ll be in Johannesburg, South Africa at Afropunk raving to Solange Knowles who is performing there.'

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