John Mayer’s Snapchat Skincare Tutorial Is Weirdly Mesmerising

Seems like the singer is taking beauty vlogging to another level

John Mayer's Snapchat Skincare Tutorial Is Weirdly Mesmerising

by Pola Namysl |
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For those of you who don't follow John Mayer on Snapchat (@JohnTheKangaroo), Wednesday night he surprised his fans with an epic and lengthy run down of his beauty routine, which he called *Skin care secrets with John. *Is he trolling us? Probably. Is the whole thing an elaborate advertorial for some very spenny face creams? Highly likely. Yet it's still highly mesmerising. Here's what we learnt about skincare from John Mayer.



While doing your evening spa time- tie your hair back and hold it with bandana.


If you thought you’re applying your lotion just fine, you’re wrong. John’s ‘Skin Hack No. 1’ is you need to apply your lotion directly to your face because ‘applying skin lotion to your hands and then rubbing it in your face gets a lot of lotion stuck in the crease the fingers and.. that's expensive’. He even got a name for that 'D.A.T.- Direct Application Technique.'


Eye concentrate is for eye use? Wrong again. ‘Skin Hack No 2’ gives you the ultimate advice : 'eye concentrate is really just a better facial moisturizer but more expensive and in a smaller bottles.'


Now there’s something beauty queens probably never heard about. CNZ- which stands for ‘Crucial Necessity Zones’- these are predesignated areas that John needs moisturising the most. He applies his Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme by dotting it on his face. Very specifically.

After he applies the moisturizer to his CNZ’s he takes his time to blend it with Q-tip. Each one of the cream drops. Separately. Talk about dedication to beauty.


Now the tutorial ends with applying mist on your face. But as you might have already realised John doesn’t like applying cosmetics in a regular way so: ‘you don’t want to spray directly on your face, that’s too harsh for your skin.’ Instead you have to spray in the air and 'headbutt it, headbutt it.'

Way to go, John, way to go.

Oh I feel like we have just been taught us all the new things we didn’t know and obviously we have to. I’m not really sure if it’s a joke or he’s serious but one thing is sure- it’s fabulous and hilarious thing to watch. It's gone off his snapchat sory already but you can still watch it on YouTube here. The first of many?

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