John Legend Might Be The Voice Of Your Phone Soon

John Legend

by Phoebe Parke |

The voices used for virtual assistants on phones are usually pretty robotic, but what if you could have a familiar voice answer your questions about local supermarkets, travel disruptions and what the weather will be like tomorrow?

Well, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has just announced that Google assistant will be getting six new voices, and one of them is based on John Legend.

A company called WaveNet helped Google record John Legend’s voice, and then incorporate it into the bank of words and phrases the assistant voice already has, so that John’s voice will work for any query, reports The Verge.

The new voices will also be available on home speakers too, so you can have your very own John Legend around the house if you fancy.

Chrissy Teigen reacted with her usual wit, tweeting ‘I don’t even need human John anymore’ and he responded; ‘Well. The Google Assistant doesn’t do EVERYTHING’

People have been sharing their excitement about the feature, which isn't available just yet, on Twitter.

Other upcoming changes to Google assistant, announced at the Google I/O conference, include the ability for the assistant to make calls on the user’s behalf, and a feature to teach children manners.

It’s called the ‘pretty please’ feature and it’s supposed to teach children to, you guessed it, say please and thank you to their Google assistant. In turn, the assistant will thank children for saying please and praise children if they ask for something nicely – presumably the idea is that they learn to say please to real humans too.

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