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John Boyega Misses The Cutest Things When He's Away From The UK

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Who doesn't love John Boyega?

Ever since the 25-year-old Londoner shot to fame in 2015, starring as stormstrooper Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the star has nurtured a strong fan base at home, one which is surely now only to expand since he has revealed what he misses most when he's away from the UK.

'London is my home,' he told the Evening Standard. 'I miss everything'.

Did you hear that London? John Boyega misses 'everything'! Swoon! But that is not all...

Speaking at the London premiere of his new film, Pacific Rim Uprising, John continued: 'I miss the straight faces in public. I miss the gloomy weather – sometimes. It gives me a reason to stay inside. I miss it every time.'

And do you know what else he misses? His mother's cooking. 'My mum sizzles up jollof rice for me,' he said. 'You know that’s my favourite dish? I want the whole world to know that.'

Be still our beating hearts...

It is well-known John has a very close bond with his family, notably inviting them to the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi last December.

In an adorable show of familial affection, John's father and mother Samon and Abigail, his sisters Blessing and Grace, and his two nephews, JJ and Ezra, joined their son/brother/uncle (respectively) on the Royal Albert Hall red carpet.

And at one point, John – looking dapper in a navy velvet jacket with silk bow tie – even picked up and cuddled his young nephew JJ...

As we said from the start who doesn't love John Boyega?

We all do. And we cannot wait to see him take up his role of Finn once again, when Star Wars: Episode IX hits our cinema screens next year

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