Is Jennifer Lawrence Engaged? She’s Got A Very JLaw Way Of Telling You She’s Not

Jennifer Lawrence just stuck her middle finger up at the paparazzi – and revealed she’s not wearing a wedding ring


by Sophie Cullinane |
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When Jennifer Lawrence was spotted smoking, boozing and having a right old fun time wearing a ring on her engagement finger last week, the rumour mill went into overdrive. JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS ENGAGED! J LAW IN A DIOR WEDDING DRESS! J LAW GOING ON A HEN NIGHT! (etc, etc, imagined the internet/us.)

But Jennifer Lawrence is not engaged. And in true J Law style she had a ballsy way of telling us all that: putting a finger up to the papps, and showing that there's no longer a ring on it.

The pictures were taken as she and boyfriend Nicholas Hoult got off the Eurostar in Paris, where they'd been reading the newspapers and drinking coffee like the normal folk that they are. JLaw covered her face with The Sunday Telegraph to hide from the photographers when she made the gesture – telling them to F-the-F-off, which is kind of fair enough, really. Bummer, no wedding for us then. But still, at least we can console ourselves that now Jennifer and Nicholas are back together we'll be receiving a lot more news of them gallivanting around London as only they know how. Crashing a house party in Dulwich over the weekend, for example...

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